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Surreal photography by Laura Williams


Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 1998 ‘Joan’

"McQueen didn’t really have muses. He was often inspired by women throughout history—people like Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, and in this case Joan of Arc. He liked women who he called “doomed women.” The finale of this particular collection involved a woman walking down the runway styled like molten ash that has solidified. And at the end of it, she had centered herself on the catwalk and a ring of fire sprung up around her. He preferred models who were not that well known, or if they were, he liked disguising their features on the runway with treatments that in a way obliterated their identities. So this particular piece is quite typical of McQueen in terms of the fact that it is covering her face. We are totally unaware of who the actual model is. He did really want the artist to focus more on the artistry of the clothes, rather than the identity of the model.” 




today at work i let someone into a dressing room and they said “thanks” and half of me tried to say “you’re welcome” and the other half tried to say “no problem” and i ended up saying “your problem”


this post had me in tears


Kisses by Weegee 


Trippy! This is an awesome idea!


Trippy! This is an awesome idea!

The awkward moment when you’re eating dinner at someone’s house and you don’t like their cooking